Ch Belbergere FaxtoRemember ORT (Birch, Anise)




DOB: 2/11/2012

Hips: 2:2 Aust Gr 1 Int Gr A2
Eyes: Clear- April 2014.
Clear - July 2018.

Other: DNA profiled, DNAParentage confirmed, MDR1- Normal, Degenerative Myelopathy - Normal, Long Hair Gene - Affected.
Seizure Free

Owned by: S Scott, QLD



django8wks django8wks 10wks 10wks6dayssml
8 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks 6 days 10 weeks 6 days
djangoretrievesml 7mthsstandsml django7mthssml 15mthsstand
3mths retrieves 7mths 7mths 15mths
djangositsml django2yrssml Djangojumpsml ORT photosml
15mths 2 yrs March 1 28 Feb 2016

Django is a dog of good bone, good proportions and lovely head and gained his Championship title quickly with some lovely results and critiques.

He has an absolutely superb temperament. He is very social with people and dogs, affectionate and very calm. He has good drives and we have done some obedience as well as other training. Currently Django is doing noseworks and jetty jumping but hopefully will dabble in some, obedience and agility.


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Ashendael Power of One G
hips: 1:0 Gr 0"A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '12, Scissor Bite, Seizure free.
DOB: 08-11-08
Multi BISS CH. Mirribandi Perfect Tzar G
Hips: 0:1 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '10 Level Bite, Seizure free
DOB: 27-09-05
Multi BISS, RuBISS, BIS, RuBIS HUN. GR. CH. AUST ASTN. SVK. INT. CH SR Bergerac Faust IPO1 Agility III (Imp HGY) G
RE Fr CH Lux Ch Milan de la Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB:26-11-96
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G
HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
CH Mirribandi Phoenix Dream CD HIC (AI) G Hips: 1:2 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '08
Seizure free
DOB: 17-08-00
SR GR CH Jairouk de la Fureur de Crepuscule (Frn) PT JHT T Hips: OFA Good Elbows OFA "Normal" Eyes: Cerf '98 DOB: 07-07-94
CH Lanaken Magic at Midnite (IID) G Hips: 2:1 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '02
DOB: 26-05-96
CH Ashendael Smile at Me G
Hips: 1:2 Elbows 0:1 Int Gr A Eyes Clear '07 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free
DOB: 17-09-02
Saxe des Terres Bergere (IMP BLG) G HD- A
DOB: 09-01-94
RE FRN BISS CH Foehn de Bois du Tot (FRN) T HD-A
DOB: 20-08-90
Farouche de la Douce Plaine (FRN) T HD-A
BISS RUBISS CH Lanaken Notice Me G Hips 1:2 Int Gr A Comp scissor bite, Seizure free.
DOB: 25-05-97
SR CH Phebus des Terres Bergeres (IMP BLG) G HD-A
DOB: 19-12-91
Imola de la Douce Plaine (IMP FRN) T Hips A DOB: 09-12-94
Demoniaque Sateen HSCs HICs HXCs G Hips:2:2 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear '11, scissor bite, seizure free
DOB: 22-01-06

Multi BISS Sr ICH/HCH/HSCH/Gr.HCH/ HJCH/CH/ ÖJCH/SKCH Bergerac Faust IPO1 Agility3 AD/JD/GD (Imp HGY) G Hips: Gr A Eyes: Clear '08 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free.
DOB: 18-04-01
Fr/Lux Ch Milan de La Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB:26-11-96
Jirian Du Mas de La Galandie G Hips: HD-A DOB: 07-10-94
Hestia-Belle de La Closerie de Yenda
Hips: HD-A DOB: 01-09-92
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
Int/Austn Ch Hgy Gr Ch Quartz IPO-II Ag II
Hips: HD-B DOB: 14-04-92
HJCH. ÖJCH Bergerac Gitty G HD-A DOB: 21-05-96
CH Demoniaque Jeopardy CD HSAs HSCs HICs HXCs G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 Elbows 0:0 Eyes: Clear Nov 2011 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free
DOB: 12-12-00
CH Zhale Soldier Soldier (IMP UK) G
Hips 1:3 gr 1 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 10-12-97
Zellik Quincy Shogun (UK) G DOB: 2-12-95
Zhale Molly Elliot (UK) G
CH Demoniaque Dark N Stormy G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 B Elbows 0:0 Eyes: SC DOB: 26-10-96
Sandokan Du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Belg) G
Hips: 0:0 Gr 0 DOB 18-11-94
Demoniaque Black Magic G
Hips 0:2 Gr 0 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 18-10-94


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Django's Achievements

14/08/14 Brisbane Royal Aust Bred, Reserve CC, Reserve of Breed.
6/07/14 Beenleigh KC Aust Bred, CC, BOB, 9 points
27/06/14 Redcliff AH&I Soc Aust Bred, CC, BOB, 9 points
20/06/14 Rosewood AH&I Assoc Aust Bred, CC, BOB, 9 points
14/06/14 QLD KC Aust Bred, CC, BOB, 7 points
17/05/14 Blackbutt SS Aust Bred, CC, BOB, 7 points
21/02/16 ACSW (QLD) ORT - Birch - Pass




BSDCQ 2014 - Gert Christensen (Den)
2nd Exellent

20 mths. Medium size dog. Masculine head. Scissor bite. Minimum stop. Dark eyes. A little large ears. Good neck. Topline could be more straight. Well set tail. Good body. Well angulated. A little high in hocks. Not in full coat. Nice temperament.

BSDCQ 2013 - Sandra Dubach (NED)
1st Very Good
7mths. Complete scissor bite. Totally in development bit unbalanced. Medium long head of good proportion. Good stop. Ears little wide at base. Well set and carried. Excellent pigmentation. Chiselling needs to develop. Nice dark eye. Could have more reach of neck. Medium long body. Top-line not firm. Equal angulation front and rear. Chest needs to drop. Little long in loins. Good croup. X bone. Good parallel stance. Little unbalanced movement. Needs more tightening in back (Rolling)(Loose). Happy Tail. Excellent Temperament