RUBISS Ch Demoniaque Jeopardy CD HSAs HSCs HICs HXCs Dual HIT



DOB: 12/12/2000
RIP: 13/5/2015

Hips: 4:3
Eyes: Clear Nov 2011
Other: DNA profiled, MDR1 normal, Seizure Free,




Pedigree Herding Obedience Showing Critiques
nellie2002sml nellievicsml reservebitchNSWChsml bobbrisroyal
2002 2003 2003 2004
nellietrot 11yrs nellieneuterinshow nelliemarch2015
2011 2012 - 11years 2013 NeuterInShow March 2015

Nellie and her daughter Satine were the first ever Belgians to gain any titles in herding on C Course in Australia and made further history by being the first to gain their intermediate and Advanced titles.

Just some of Nellies highlights: RUBISS with an excellent plus grading at the BSDCVic Ch show , RUBB, RUBOB NSW Ch show 2004, 2 x Brisbane Royal BOB with 20 + points, 1 x T'wba Royal BOB 11 points, Inter in Show Best Bitch & RUBOB at the BSDCQ open show 2003. Showing she is not just a pretty face, she gained several first places in obedience and in the sport we love - herding, where she has done both A and C Course. Her herding highlights include 1 x RHIT and 2 x HIT, one gained at the age of 9 1/2 yrs and on her first time ever doing an advanced C Course run with a score of 95.

Nellie was then retired......


Nellie was looking so good, and had so many great things said about her at the breed lecture, I decided to bring her out for the BSDCQ 2013 Champ Show. Not only did she beat her daughter Satine, but also the male of breed and went on to win Best Neuter in Show with 6 exhibits and a critique of "Golden Oldie".

Sadly after a 2 week battle with Vestibular Syndrome she was put to rest in May 2015.
I will always miss you my sweetie. You were one very special girl.


CH Zhale Soldier Soldier (IMP UK) G
Hips 1:3 gr 1 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 10-12-97

Zellik Quincy Shogun (UK) G
DOB: 2-12-95
Shogun de Pre du Vieux Pont at Niavana (UK)(BEL) G
DOB: 18-11-1994
Buddy van Lana's Hof G
Hips: HD-B TC (Neth)Dob: 5-3-1991
Poncha des Terres Bergeres G Hips HD-A DOB: 6-01-91
Zellik Ihadabear (UK) G Neils at Skyloom de Loup Noir at Zellik (UK)(USA) G
DOB: 10-12-89
Skyloom Abbie at Zellick G DOB 2-21-91

Zhale Molly Elliot (UK) G
Neils at Skyloom de Loup Noir at Zellick (UK)(USA) G
DOB: 10-12-89
Drakkar De La Pouroffe G
OFA Hips: Normal DOB: 6-18-79
Quarry at Skyloom De Loup Noir G DOB: 27-04-85
Darktor Carousel (UK) G Black Hawk the Enchanter of Darktor G DOB 1-09-97
Noiruage Begin The Begin

Ch Demoniaque Dark N Stormy G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 Elbows 0:0 DOB: 26-10-96

Sandokan Du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Belg) G
Hips: 0:0 Gr 0 DOB: 18-11-94
INT Ch Buddy V.Lanas Hof (NETH) G Dob: 5-3-1991
Hips: HD-B TC (Neth)
Mistyk van de Hoge Laer G
Dob: 4-30-1988
E'Blackie de la Grande Lande G
Dob: 03-10-1989
BLG Ch Poncha des Terres Bergeres (BEL) G Hips HD-A DOB: 6-01-91 Ulzar du Bois du Ponty G HD-A DOB: 30-04-83
Milady des Terres Bergeres G
HD-A. EP. DOB 3-29-88

Demoniaque Black Magic G
Hips 0:2 Gr 0 Elbows: 0:0
DOB: 18-10-94
Ch Beleesha Drum Beat G
Hips: 2:3 Gr 1 DOB: 16-06-90
Ch Lynx de la Quievre (IMP BLG) G DOB 3-07-87
Ch Belwarra Goody Tushoes G Hips: 3:5 Gr 1 DOB: 9-07-85
Ch Dalibel Halima G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 DOB: 9-03-89
CH Weedram Dark Monk G
DOB: 25-08-84
Ch Shadownoir Ambrizette G

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Nellie's Achievements

Herding Obedience Showing Critiques


31 July 2011 C Course Advanced NQ - Retired
30 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 68, 3rd.
29 July 2011 C Course Advanced NQ - 60.5
17 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 76, 4th - Title - First Belgian in Oz with Satine
16 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 81, 4th
04 July 2010 C Course Advanced Pass 95, 1st, HIT
03 July 2010 C Course Interdediate Pass 89 - Title
09 May 2010 C Course Intermediate Pass 85 1/2, RHIT
05 July 2009
C Course Intermediate
Pass 74
21 June 2009 C Course Started Pass 89, 2nd HSCs Title - First Belgian in Oz.
19 April 2009 C Course Started Pass 82.5, 3rd
18 April 2009 C Course Started Pass 80.5, 2nd
06 July 2008 A Course Started Pass 92.5, 1st HIT,Highest Scoring Belgian,HSAs Title
20 April 2008 A Course Started Pass 84, Highest scoring Belgian
19 April 2008 A Course Started Pass 79, RU Highest scoring Belgian
16 Sept 2007 Pre Trial Test Pass
15 Sept 2007 Pre Trial Test Pass - Title
08 Sept 2007 Pre Trial Test Pass
15 April 2007 Herding Test Pass
14 April 2007 Herding Test Pass - Title
16 July 2006 Herding Test Pass
August 2004 Herding Instinct Test Pass
16 Oct 2004 Novice Pass 184 - CD Title
17 Jan 2004 Novice Pass 180, 1st
10 Jan 2004 Novice Pass 174, 1st
26 July 2003 Novice Sweepstakes Pass 192, 1st
Oct 2013 WDCQ Champ Show Best Neuter Bitch, Best Neuter of Breed. Graded Excellent
June 2013 BSDCQ Champ Show Best Neuter Groen Bitch, Best Neuter Groen, Best Neuter in show (and oldest), Graded Excellent 8 points.
August 2006 Brisbane Royal BOB
March 2005 Toowoomba Royal CC Bitch
August 2004 Brisbane Royal BOB 24 Pts
March 2004 Toowoomba Royal BOB 11 Pts
?2004 BSDC NSW Champ Show RUBitch, RUBOB, Graded Exellent
July 2004 BSDCQ Champ Show 2nd Open, Graded Excellent
2003 BSDC Vic Champ Show BOB RUBISS 25points Graded EXELLENT PLUS
2003 BSDC Illawarra Champ Show 2nd Inter Graded Excellent
March 2003 BSDCQ Open Show IB, Best Bitch, RUBOB, Inter in Show
2002 BSDC NSW Champ Show Graded Very Good


Working Dog Club QLD Oct 2013 - Mr Terry Hodkinson (UK)
1st Excellent - Neuter of Breed
Correct bite. Nice pigment for age. Head is correct and in proportion. Nice dark eye, good shape. Tall ears well set and used well. Length of neck good, slightly arched. Good topline and tailset. Enough angulation front and back. Really good bone. Like a little more length of leg. Good feet and pastern. Moved well.

BSDCQ 2013 - Sandra Dubach (NED)
1st Excellent

12 1/2 years. Pincer-complete. Well preserved Lady. Medium long female - nice expression and head. Lovely ears- well set and carried. Good stop. Parallel planes. Sufficient pigment for age. Nice eyes and chiselling. Good reach of neck. Good topline. Rounded Croup. Good Chest. Good angles front and rear. Little weak in pastern. Lovely Bone. Good feet for age. Calm and self confident presentation. Excellent movement for age- good top-line and tail carriage.
Golden Oldie

BSDCQ 2009 - Ms Amanda McLaren (UK)
1st Excellent.

8 1/2 yrs. Comp. scissor bite, good condition, good size female. Med head- typical - nice expression - lower lips de-pigmented. Forehead little rounded. Eye med colour - almond in shape. Tall ears- could be touch high set. Ex. reach of neck. Top line could be firmer. Good depth of chest - good fore chest. Well angulated front and rear. Good bone and substance. Could have more tuck up. A little overbuilt at rear. Good tail carriage. Little wide out at elbow in front. Good Croup.

BSDCQ 2008 - Mr Jesper Anderson (Sweden)
2nd Excellent

7 ½ years. Bite – scissor. Double P1 left upper jaw. Head – good length, chiselled. Slightly pronounced cheeks. Slightly rounded skull. Parallel head line. Minimum stop. Eyes good colour and shape. Medium ears, slightly wide set. Good reach of neck, back line could be slightly stronger, sloping croup. Good chest. Light bone. Bit weak in pastern. Good feet. Little steep in upper arm. Moves sufficient reach, little loose in elbows. Nice temperament

BSDCQ 2007 - Mr Sonny Strom
No Grades Given

6 ½ year old female, nice feminine head and expression, parallel, slightly deep in skull, teeth and bite okay, well set ears, beautiful eyes, excellent neck and back, slightly sloping croup, shoulder is slightly forward, well angulated, excellent bone and feet, weak in pastern, excellent chest, moves with slightly loose elbows, very good balance and stride, excellent coat and colour. Able to be handle but could have more self-confidence.

Illawarra 2006 - Mr Benoit Thevenon (France)
3rd  Excellent

Complete scissor bite, good expression and proportions. Very good skull, excellent muzzle, stop is just marked. Very good parallelism, excellent eyes, very good ears, well carried.  Body – Very good proportions, topline cold be more straight, croup a little sloping. Excellent chest, very good hind and forequarters. Very good movement, better topline in action than when standing.

BSDCQ 2005- Mme  Willemine van Deijl (Belgium)
3rd Excellent

4 1/2 years, complete scissor, excellent type bitch, good size, well formed expressive head, good parallel, good stop, well chiselled, excellent dark eye, expressive, high set ears, nice neck, topline moves up slightly, sloping croup, timid presentation, excellent chest and forechest, well angulated in the rear, good bone and feet, moves well, slight hook in tail.

Illawarra March 2005 - Mr Jeff Luscott (UK)
3rd Excellent

Nice bitch shown in good condition. Good parallels, but recedes in back skull a little. Nice eye and ears used well. Nice depth through the skull. Good neck, prefer higher set wither. Good muscle over the topline, rises over the croup. Good front and rear balance. Nice angles and quarters. Nice tail set. Good action in front and rear, covers the ground on side gait.

Illawara Oct 2004  Mr Norman Deschuymere
3rd Very Good

Complete scissor bite, medium sized head, little bit strong in skull, may have more in stop, good muzzle. Brown eyes, little bit long ears and very deep. Good neck, good back, falling croup and tail underneath. Good chest, good angulations. Completely out of coat. Movement narrow in the rear, falling to the front a little.  Needs more pigmentation in the mouth.

BSDC NSW  July 2004    Sharon Redmer (USA)

3 1/2 year old, Square, good topline, proper croup, med neck, good withers. Good R L'n. Standing straight away in rear, sl E/W in front. Pretty almond dark brown eyes. Good = planes. Good stop. Suff chiselling. Good earset. Sl prom Z in otherwise Correct head, chest to elbow, tail short of hock, coat abundant but little soft. Exc silhouette, confident character. Clean coming and going. Ex side gait.

BSDCQ June 2004 - Mrs Janice Clifford (UK)
2nd Excellent

4yr old, complete scissor bite, medium head and cheeks a little pronounced, good parallel lines, could be more chizzelled, good neck, good angulation, medium length of body, good croup, well developed chest. Good movement.

Illawarra  Oct 2003  MME MARIE-FRANCE VARLET (France)
2nd Excellent

Scissor, complete dentition, medium size. Good expressive head, slightly domed in skull, sufficient stop, straight muzzle. Good medium ears, good dark eye. Very slightly lacking in pigmentation. Good sweep of neck, croup sloping, good bone, short in body, good front chest. Movement close in front and back, correct movement. Good tail, well carried. Good temperament.

BSDC Vic 2003  Dr G Schaffner (France)

Scissor bite, complete dentition, good size, good fur, Excellent expression, excellent eyes and ears. Excellent reach of neck. Medium build. Croup slightly sloping. Shoulder correct. Excellent hindquarter angulation. Slightly weak pastern. Good stance at the back. Good bone. Low set tail. Excellent Movement.

Very Good

19 mths, Feminine head, Head lines not quite parallel. Muzzle could be longer. Med brown eyes. Ears a bit tall but carried well. VG neck. Firm Back. Slopping croup. G shoulder placement. Upper arm a bit steep. Angulation rear ok. Sufficient bone. Nice pasterns and feet. Moves a bit restricted in front. Good coat and texture. Well presented

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