13 Sept 2017
  Sorry for lack of updates. Website issues hopefully sorted. Have added an FB page feed here for quick updates and quick photos.
Please excuse problems with links - especially in pedigrees. Belgi site is down, so will need to link them elsewhere.

Other news... Honey has gained her FCI Int CH title. Congratulations Machi and Honey.
I think the below breakdown is correct.
Novemeber - CACIB at FCI Oosaka international dog show,
January - BOB, CACIB at FCI Chiba international dog show,
Feb - Finished her FCI CH Title
April - BOB, CACIB and AKU CAC at FCI Japan international dog show.
2 Oct 2016
  Arwen passed her ORT on Birch and Anise, and Django passed his ORT on Anise on Friday at the 2nd ACSW ORT Trial held in Qld. I think this makes them the first Belgians to gain ORT's on Birch and Anise in Australia.

I also received some wonderful news about Honey (CH T.CH Belbergere Faxamillion CDII). Honey gained a CACIB at an FCI show in Japan.
25 March 2016
  Honey gave birth to 7 beautiful healthy puppies. Congratulations to Honey and Machi.
21 Feb 2016
  Django passed his ORT on Birch today at the inaugral ACSW ORT trial in Queensland. Better luck next time for Arwen.
18 Feb 2016
  Honey has been confirmed Pregnant!
Honey (CH T.CH Belbergere Faxamillion CDII) has been bred to Dandy (FCI,AUS,JKC CH Mirribandi Dreams Come True). This combination will bring some exciting new lines to the Japanese Belgian world.
For more information on this litter go to Honey's page.
Wishing every success to Machi for this litter.
13 August
  Brisbane Royal Results.
Django - 1st Australian Bred Male
Arwen - 1st Intermediate Bitch, Best Bitch (9points) and Reserve of Breed.
6 June
  Honey gained group 3rd, CC and finished Conformation title and now is a dual titled champion. Honey is now known as... "CH. T.CH. Belbergere Faxamillion CDⅡ" . Congratulations Honey and Machi.

At the BSDCQ Champ show, judge- Dermott Young (Can), Arwen in her first show since the Bris Royal in August and shown in a somewhat naked coat, came 2nd intermediate with a grading of Exellent! Django was relegated to watching from the sidelines for this show.

30 May
  Honey finished her Training Ch title today. Congratulations Honey and Machi.
23 May 2015
  Jazz has gone to her new home.
It was lovely to catch up with this sweet girl on her way to her new owners. She is lovely very pleased with her.
13 May 2015

Nellie, my first Belgian who taught me so much. For 14 years we were together through ups and downs, tears and laughter and together we learnt so much. You trusted us implicitly and gave us so much love and joy.

Nellie, you will be very much missed. Love you always.
27 April 2015

Jazz - Belbergere Faxsmile ( Ashendael PowerOfOne X Demoniaque Sateen HXC) is very much loved, but unfortunately due to circumstances her owners are needing to re-home her. She is a very sweet but active girl that needs an active home with good fences. She would possibly do well at obedience agility or other performance.
Jazz comes with lifelong breeder support.

Please contact me for more information.

3rd Nov 2014

New pages for Willow and Honey - Belbergere Belgians owned and campaigned elsewhere.


2nd Nov 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to the AllFaxedUp Litter!

Congratulations to Machi and Honey (Belbergere FaxaMillion CD2) on Honey gaining further Training Championship points last week.

1 Nov 2014

Updates have been a little remiss of late - sorry.

A big big Congratulations to Machi Sato and Honey (Belbergere FaxaMillion) who has gained the Japanese title of CD2 so is now known as Belbergere FaxaMillion CD2.
Honey and Machi have also gained some lovely awards including group 3rd. and M.C.C. at Kawasaki Club Rengo in September as well as a group 3rd and CC in June.
Honey has points towards her Ch title as well as her TCh title. Well done! Hopefully I will have a page up for Honey with some photos soon.

Another congratulations also goes to Narelle and Ashley Hoffman on Willow's Ch title. Willow is owned by Narelle Hoffman and brilliantly campaigned by Ashley Hoffman. Willow is now known as Ch Belbergere Faxsimile. I also hope to have a page and photos for Willow shortly.

On the home-front, Django and Arwen have started Nose-work classes at All Paws Paradise and loving it. Interesting to see the difference in work styles between them.

Arwen gained her Ch title in July and is now known as Ch Belbergere Faxylady.

Arwen went Best Bitch at the Brisbane Royal in August with a 10 point challenge and Django went Reserve Dog and Reserve of Breed.

25 July 2014
  It has been decreed that Django is staying!
Django gained his final show points and is now Ch Belbergere FaxToRemember
10 March 2014
  New page with photos and info on Django who is available for rehome
Click here for Django's page
19 Feb 2014
Belbergere FaxtoRemember "Django"
15mth old boy availble for show and performance (obedience/agility etc) home.
Superb calm temperament, lovely drives, has done some obedience and other work.
More info and photos coming soon.
Please contact me for further information.
14 Dec 2013
  RIP Isabella.
15 Nov 2013
  Arwen (Belbergere FaxyLady) RCC and Junior in Group at the Maree Kennel Club inc Melbourne Cup Champ show.
2nd Nov 2013
  Happy First Birthday to the AllFaxedUp litter.
27 Oct 2013

Willow (Belbergere Faxsimile)owned by Narelle and Ashley Hoffman, is on a roll. From her last 6 shows she has gone...
5 x PUPPY IN GROUP (inc spring fair),
Specialty Res CC.
Plus her CC's and BOB's
Congratulations Ashley and Narelle, so pleased this girl is doing so well for you.

Arwen (Belbergere FaxyLady) while also being a bit of a livewire in the ring, at the Ipswish Open Show gained Best of Breed and THEN Puppy in Group! Arwen then went on to win in Both the two Ipswich Champ Shows Best Bitch (7 Points) and Reserve of breed.

14 Sept 2013
  Congratulations to Narelle, Ashley Hoffman and Willow. At the BSDC NSW went RCC Groen Bitch from puppy class! She looked wonderful.
12 August 2013


  • A few new health articles added on health page.
8 June 2013

Results for the BSDCQ Champ Show 8 June:

  • Nellie - Best Neuter Groen Bitch, Best Neuter of Breed (8 points), Best Neuter in Show.. Over all she one over 6 other competitors, and was the oldest dog entered. I was so proud of her.
  • Satine - Runner up Neuter Groen Bitch, Runner Up Neuter of Breed (no in show runner up given).
  • Arwen - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch
  • Willow- 3rd Puppy Bitch.
  • Django - 1st Puppy Dog
6 April 2013

Puppies are now 5 mths old and settled into their new homes.
Satine has been desexed and is now fully recovered.
Arwen has done her first few shows.
Arwen graduated from Juvenille kindy and is about to start her first level of obedience classes.

Health Page - new articles on vaccination and desexing. New articles have been noted with *.
Update to Arwen's page.

1 Feb 2013
  Updates to the website
  • Puppy page
  • links page
21 Jan 2013

Many updates to the website.

  • Health Page - a few new links to vaccination, Raw feeding, hip/elbow scoring comparisons etc.
  • Puppies Page - a few minor updates.
  • Big updates on the puppy photo page.
  • A few new links added
19 Jan 2013

I am very humbled and very proud of the referral I have recieved via Craig and Tracey Murray who did the temperament testing on the litter.....

Craig A Murray Dog.Training<https://www.facebook.com/Craig.A.Murray.Dog.Training?ref=stream>

Don't usually say too much about available litters but tested this litter for the breeder in December. Great to meet a breeder that was willing to pay to ensure that she could provide the best possible match of puppy to owner. This was a very nice sound litter of confident pups that showed nice stable behaviours. Naturally environment also plays a big part in raising pups to be nice dogs but it is imperative that you start with good genetics. Pups from this litter available now!!! Contact Sally for more details.....

5 Jan 2013

Puppies available from this litter. Please check out my puppies page for more details.

Many exciting things have happened since my last update. Due to a very busy shedule I have not updated in quite some time.

Satine's puppies are now 9 weeks old, and have had their first vaccinations, microchipping and DNA taken and vet checks

The Puppies were temperament assessed at 7 weeks by Craig and Tracey Murray and the temperament results of the whole llitter I am very proud of - this is a very very stable litter.

27 Nov 2012
  Updates to website with more puppy photos.
2 Nov 2012

Well Satine decided enough was enough and decided to get them out early. In the wee small hours our family was increased by 9.

15 Oct 2012
  Satine had her final ultrasound today.

All is going well with belly full of puppies and compliments on Satine's health.
3 Oct 2012

New Health testing available for Belgian Shepherds!

I have noticed on the ASAP lab site that Belgian Shepherds can now be officially tested for the MDR1 Gene (Multi Drug Resistence{Sensitivity}) which can make some dogs sensitve to such drugs as Ivermectin, Acepromozine, Immodium and many more. Both Nellie and Satine were tested for this when they were DNA'd some years back with normal (or clear) results.

28 Sept 2012

I am very happy to announce that Satine has been confirmed in whelp and healthy.

Please see puppy page for more details on this litter.

4 Sept 2012
  Satine has been mated to Eli.
Puppies expected early November.
20 August 2012

Satine is in season.
Vet check up and swabs done to make sure all is ok as follow up post pyo. Results back Friday.

8 July 2012

Satine had her first lesson at agility on Thursday - Loved it!

Satine's dad Fax was the first Belgian to gain the title of Supreme Champion on Saturday at the tender age of 11. This is a brand new title in the conformation ring. Congratualtions to Ashley Hoffman, Fax, and Lynda Trotter.

22 May 2012

Satine had her final check-up today. All clear and we have a go on breeding her when she comes in season, which is expected to be anytime from August. For information on this litter click here.

I have also recieved the unofficial news that our Logan City Council breeders permit has been granted. Just waiting for the final paperwork and breeder number.This is a new initiative by our local government council to help stop backyard breeders and puppy farmers. To learn more click here.

I have finally gotten around to revamping the photos page.

8 May 2012

Satine had another ultrasound and checkup today and we received good news. She is back in good health- her womanly parts show no sign of dilation, so no further injections needed. We still have to be very careful as Pyometra is re-occuring, however signs are looking good.
All going well, I will be repeating the mating mid-late this year with hopefully happier results.

12 April 2012

Unfortunately Satine developed open Pyometra which is now being treated and she is improving. My first thoughts are to get Satine better.
I am looking at possibly trying the mating again when she next comes into season as per the recommendations.
Many thanks to all those who have given me support over the last few days.

24 March 2012

A new epilepsy gene for idiopathic epilepsy in Belgian Shepherds has been found in the canine chromosome 37.
For the full article click here.
While hopefully epilepsy will never affect one of my girls or any puppy I breed, epilepsy is a major health issue in the breed. This is HUGE news in the Belgian world and very much worth putting here. And while testing will still be some way off finally we have some hope.

In news closer to home....

Satine 2 weeks along from 3 hopefully successful ties. Will know more once scans are done at about 5 weeks. Keep checking in!

1 March 2012
  Satine has been sent to see her beau Eli for matings at Ashendael Belgians. All going well, puppies due May.
30 Jan 2012
  Updated Nellie's, Satine's and Puppies page.
1 Jan 2012
  Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wishing all a fantastic New Year.
14 Nov 2011
  Nellie and Satine ACES eye tests - Clear.
10 Nov 2011

Results of Satine's vaccination titre test back - All good. Satine only had her 2 puppy shots and the one year booster -with the one year vaccine, so I am very happy that I have taken the minimal vaccine route.

Satine and I have also started back at obedience. My plan was to start her at agility but we left it a little late in the year to start - maybe next year. However one month shy of 4 years since doing any formal obedience and you would almost think she had never stopped.

6 August 2011

After a long road trip to Victoria, and after quite the eventful and exhausting week, the girls competed in the Victorian Herding Associations inaugral C Course trial.
Day 1; Nellie NQ'd and Satine gained a pass, second place and RHIT (but not a qualifier for the CH title - this needs to be a score of 75 or higher). Day 2; Nellie passed (but not a qualifier for CH) and Satine NQ'd but had a WHOLE lot of fun - I think she would have liked to have gone for another 3 rounds!
Day 3; Sadly I retired Nellie just prior to the end of the 10 min graze - it had all been too much, but Satine thankfully was a tad more settled and gained a pass with a second place, a RHIT AND a Qualifing pass for the CH title.
Oh and we also gained the "reverse yellow jersey chicken beanie" on the last day with Nellie's run - more as payback for buying it than for the actual run - it should have actaully gone to the person who was too chicken to take her dog out 3 days in a row!

17 July 2011
  Nellie and Satine both gained their 3rd and final pass in C Course Advanced level at the Continental Herding Club Inc Herding trial under Judge P. Mayne. Nellie again with a 4th place and Satine with a 1st place and a HIT!
This makes them the first Australian titled Advanced level dogs and I think the first Australian bred C Course Advanced titled dogs internationally.
16 July 2011
  Nellie and Satine both gained their second passes in C Course Advanced level at the Continental Herding Club Inc Herding trial under Judge J. Mitchell. Nellie 4th place with 81, and Satine with a 2nd place and 85.
20 May 2011
  Finally I have a website up and running - it's only taken me three years of talking about it. This is a work in progress, please let me know of any issues.