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Sorry, currently I have no puppies available. But if you are looking for a puppy, I may be able to point you in the right direction, so please don't hesitate to contact me.


Satine X Eli Litter

5 girls, 4 boys.

Born 2 November 2012

Show team - Arwen Django Willow Honey

Companions - Jazz Bella Kahlua Carbon Forrest


Satine   EliSitlg
Demoniaque Sateen HSC HIC HXC
Hips: 2:2, Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear Nov '11
DNA prof, MDR1- Normal, Seizure Free.

Ashendael Power of One "Eli"
Hips: 1:0 Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear Jan '12.
DNA prof, MDR1- Normal, Seizure free.

Eli Photos Pedigree

An exciting combination of truly outstanding pedigrees and a line breeding to Bergerac Faust with quality puppies produced with great working ability in many areas of performance, as well as very loving companions.


"This was a very nice sound litter of confident pups that showed nice stable behaviours. Naturally environment also plays a big part in raising pups to be nice dogs but it is imperative that you start with good genetics."
Craig and Tracey Murray


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day7lineup mum&Pupsday8

Puppy Line Up Day 7

Mum and Pups Day 8


Puppies Day 14

Puppies Day 16

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Puppies were...
*raised inhouse,
*raised on BARF,
*Underwent the Biosensor program and the Rule of Sevens as well as many other socialising techniques, including puppy kindy for those here after the 10 weeks.
*vet health checked,
*vaccinated at 9 weeks as per the Jean Dodds and new AVA recommended protocol,
*DNA'd for profile, parentage and MDR1 clear by parentage,
*temperament assessed with outstanding results by one of Australia's top accredited dog trainers and behaviorists - Craig A Murray
*registered with DOGSQLD,
*come with a puppy pack and lifetime breeder support.


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Ashendael Power of One G
hips: 1:0 Gr 0"A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '12, Scissor Bite, Seizure free.
DOB: 08-11-08
Multi BISS CH. Mirribandi Perfect Tzar G
Hips: 0:1 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '10 Level Bite, Seizure free
DOB: 27-09-05
Multi BISS, RuBISS, BIS, RuBIS HUN. GR. CH. AUST ASTN. SVK. INT. CH SR Bergerac Faust IPO1 Agility III (Imp HGY) G
RE Fr CH Lux Ch Milan de la Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB:26-11-96
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G
HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
CH Mirribandi Phoenix Dream CD HIC (AI) G Hips: 1:2 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '08
DOB: 17-08-00
SR GR CH Jairouk de la Fureur de Crepuscule (Frn) PT JHT T Hips: OFA Good Elbows OFA "Normal" Eyes: Cerf '98 DOB: 07-07-94
CH Lanaken Magic at Midnite (IID) G Hips: 2:1 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '02
DOB: 26-05-96
CH Ashendael Smile at Me G
Hips: 1:2 Elbows 0:1 Int Gr A Eyes Clear '07 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free
DOB: 17-09-02
Saxe des Terres Bergeres (IMP BLG) G HD- A
DOB: 09-01-94
RE FRN BISS CH Foehn de Bois du Tot (FRN) T HD-A
DOB: 20-08-90
Farouche de la Douce Plaine (FRN) T HD-A
BISS RUBISS CH Lanaken Notice Me G Hips 1:2 Int Gr A Comp scissor bite, Seizure free.
DOB: 25-05-97
SR CH Phebus des Terres Bergeres (IMP BLG) G HD-A
DOB: 19-12-91
Imola de la Douce Plaine (IMP FRN) T Hips A DOB: 09-12-94
Demoniaque Sateen HSCs HICs HXCs G Hips:2:2 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear '11, scissor bite, seizure free
DOB: 22-01-06

Multi BISS Sr ICH/HCH/HSCH/Gr.HCH/ HJCH/CH/ ÖJCH/SKCH Bergerac Faust IPO1 Agility3 AD/JD/GD (Imp HGY) G Hips: Gr A Eyes: Clear '08 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free.
DOB: 18-04-01
Fr/Lux Ch Milan de La Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB:26-11-96
Jirian Du Mas de La Galandie G Hips: HD-A DOB: 07-10-94
Hestia-Belle de La Closerie de Yenda
Hips: HD-A DOB: 01-09-92
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
Int/Austn Ch Hgy Gr Ch Quartz IPO-II Ag II
Hips: HD-B DOB: 14-04-92
HJCH. ÖJCH Bergerac Gitty G HD-A DOB: 21-05-96
CH Demoniaque Jeopardy CD HSAs HSCs HICs HXCs G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 Elbows 0:0 Eyes: Clear Nov 2011 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free
DOB: 12-12-00
CH Zhale Soldier Soldier (IMP UK) G
Hips 1:3 gr 1 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 10-12-97
Zellik Quincy Shogun (UK) G DOB: 2-12-95
Zhale Molly Elliot (UK) G
CH Demoniaque Dark N Stormy G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 B Elbows 0:0 Eyes: SC DOB: 26-10-96
Sandokan Du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Belg) G
Hips: 0:0 Gr 0 DOB 18-11-94
Demoniaque Black Magic G
Hips 0:2 Gr 0 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 18-10-94

Eli Photos

Eli6mths Eli11mths Eliheadsml Eli3yrssml
Eli 6mthsMIS Eli 11mthsPIG Eli 3yrs Eli 3yrs
Elistanding Eli A frame EliSeptStand EliSepthead
Eli 3 yrs, March2012 Eli on the A frame Eli Sept 2012 Eli Sept 2012 Headshot
Many thanks to Tanyia and Ashley for some of the above photos.

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