Demoniaque Sateen HSCs HICs HXCs Dual HIT



DOB: 22/01/2006

Hips: 2:2
Eyes: Clear Nov 2011
Other: DNA profiled, MDR1- normal, Degenerative Myelopathy - Normal, Long Hair Gene - Affected
Seizure Free, Desexed.




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satinepuppysml satinejuly2010sml satinehead SatineSept2012sml
12 weeks July 2010 2012 2012
Satinesml satineCHS2013 satineOct2013 satineapril2014sml
2012 June 2013 Oct 2013 April 2014

Satine - The energiser bunny, who has never grown up - and we love her like that. Always ready to go and always so happy with that Belgian smile and devious mind. Satine is a beautiful well proportioned girl. She has a medium long head with beautiful dark eyes and expression. With parents like hers - what more can you expect!

In herding, she gained 2 passes on A Course (started) before transitioning over to C Course which suits her tending style. One day maybe we will get back to completing her A started title, but for now she is retired from herding.

On C, along with her mother she became the one of the first Belgians to gain their Started, Intermediate and Advanced titles - she even notched up a HIT on intermediate and a HIT on her last pass for Advanced.

This year I finally started her on agility. I have been wanting to try her on this for years especially because of her fathers background, but herding took precedence. I believe she will prove to do very well with her energy and agile ways. Due to coming in season and mothering duties, we only got to have a few plays with this, but will start back once she can get back to work.

Satine had her first and only litter in November 2012 and was a brilliant mother. She has now been desexed.

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Agility3 AD/JD/GD (Imp HGY) G Hips: Gr A Eyes: Clear '08
DOB: 18-04-01
Int CH Fr/Lux Ch Milan de La Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB: 26-11-96
Jirian Du Mas de La Galandie G Hips: HD-A DOB: 7-10-94
CH Gylson de la Fureur du Crépuscule G
HD-A DOB: 9-08-91
Gyptie du Mas de la Galandie G HD-A DOB: 31-10-91
Hestia-Belle de La Closerie de Yenda G
Hips: HD-A DOB: 1-09-92
Ned.Ch-Int.Ch Falk vom Nauenhof SCHh3 G HD-A2
CS CH Deesse De La Grande Lande T
HD-A DOB: 26-06-88
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G
HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
Int/Austn Ch Hgy Gr Ch Quartz IPO-III Ag II
Hips: HD-B DOB: 14-04-92
Belg.Ch-Lux.Ch-I.B.Ch'92-World W.'91.-Sel'90.,'91.
Krack De Marcolina

HD-A DOB:24-11-86
Nile du Fond des Moulins G DOB 1-01-89
Bergerac Gitty G
HD-A DOB: 21-05-96
Belg.Ch-Lux.Ch-I.B.Ch'92-World W.'91.-Sel'90.,'91.
Krack De Marcolina
HD-A DOB:24-11-86
HJCH-ÖJCH-'95'96.Ch-ja, HCH-INT CH Afra Comme Une Reve Noir -IPO-I GHD-A DOB: 22-04-94

Ch Demoniaque Jeopardy CD HSAs HSCs HICs G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 Elbows 0:0
CH Zhale Soldier Soldier (IMP UK) G
Hips 1:3 gr 1 Elbows: 0:0
Zellik Quincy Shogun (UK) DOB: 2-12-95 Shogun de Pre du Vieux Pont at Niavana (UK)(BEL) G
DOB: 18-11-94
Zellik Ihadabear (UK) G
Zhale Molly Elliot (UK) Neils at Skyloom de Loup Noir at Zellick (UK)(USA)G DOB: 10-12-89
Darktor Carousel (UK) G
CH Demoniaque Dark N Stormy G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 Elbows 0:0
DOB: 26-10-96
Sandokan Du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Belg) G
Hips: 0:0 Gr 0
DOB: 18-11-94
INT Ch Buddy V.Lanas Hof (NETH) G Hips: HD TC (Neth) DOB: 5-3-91
BLG Ch Poncha des Terres Bergeres (BEL) G Hips HD-A DOB: 6-01-91
Demoniaque Black Magic G
Hips 0:2 Gr 0 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 18-10-94
Ch Beleesha Drum Beat G
Hips: 2:3 Gr 1 DOB: 16-06-90
Ch Dalibel Halima G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 DOB: 9-03-89

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Satine's Achievements

Herding   Showing   Critiques


31 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 77 1/2, 2nd, RHIT- Q. for H CH
30 July 2011 C Course Advanced NQ 57
29 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 57, 2nd RHIT
17 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 88, 1st, HIT - Title - First Belgian in Oz with Nellie
16 July 2011 C Course Advanced Pass 85, 2nd
04 july 2010 C Course Advanced
Pass 81, 4th
03 July 2010 C Course Intermediate Pass 85, 2nd HSCs Title - First Belgian in Oz with Nellie
09 May 2010 C Course Intermediate Pass 75, 2nd
08 May 2010 C Course Intermediate Pass 87,- HIT
04 July 2009 C Course Started Pass 74 - Title
21 June 2009 C Course Started Pass 84
19 April 2009 C Course Started Pass 89,1st
06 July 2008 A Course Started Pass 76
05 July 2008 A Course Started Pass 78
20 April 2008 Pre Trial Test Pass - Title
19 April 2008 Pre Trial Test Pass
16 Sept 2007 Herding Test Pass - Title
15 Sept 2007 Herding Test Pass
09 Sept 2007 Herding Instinct Test Pass - Certificate
June 2013 BSDCQ Champ Show 2nd Neuter Groen Bitch, Reserve Neuter of Breed.
June 2009 BSDCQ Champ Show 2nd Aust Bred Bitch. Excellent
June 2008 BSDCQ Champ Show Very Good (Shown Very Very Bald)
August 2007 Brisbane Royal 2nd Inter Bitch
June 2007 BSDCQ Champ Show 1st junior Bitch
Oct 2006 Illawarra BSDC Champ Show Very Promising
Sept 2006 Maree KC CC Bitch
August 2006 Brisbane Royal 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch
June 2006 BSDCQ Champ Show Promising

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BSDCQ 2013 - Sandra Dubach (NED)
2nd Excellent

7 years. Complete scissor. Medium female, medium long head. Nice expression, nice dark eyes, nice chizelling. Medium long ears, bit wide at base. Good stop- slightly rounded skull and depth. Good pigmentation for age. Good reach of neck. Back could be more firm. Nice underline. Good croup. Nice angles in front. Good chest. Excellent bone. Good Coat (little bit wavy on back). Short tail in J. Nice feet - good stance. Unbalanced movement- needs more reach. Little too well covered.

BSDCQ 2009 - Ms Amanda McLaren (UK)
2nd  Excellent

3 yrs. Complete scissor bite. Well built female - good size. Well proportioned body with harmonious lines. Good condition - good length leg. Typical head with good length muzzle. Good chizzeling - excellent dark eye. Good stop - good parallels. Tall ears- high set- well used. Excellent reach of neck. Good top-line, good croup. Good depth of chest. Well angulated. Good bone. Good attentive presentation. Moves close behind - touch loose in front. Good tail carriage.

BSDCQ 2008 - Mr Jesper Anderson
Very Good

2 ½ years. Bite – scissor. Feminine bitch. Slightly thin condition. Medium long head, chiselled, slightly pronounced cheeks, round in skull. Parallel head lines. Dark well shaped eyes. Medium sized ears, little wide at base, little wide set. Sufficient reach of neck, strong backline, sloping croup. Chest could be more developed. Light in bone. Long feet. Bit open in angulation in front. Sufficient hindquarters. Moves restricted in front and loose in elbows. Lacks some overall substance. Timid temperament.    
BSDCQ 2007 - Mr Sonny Strom
18 month old female, with medium long head, slightly rounded and deep in skull, excellent eyes, teeth and bite okay, well set ears, neck is okay, back is good, needs to mature more in body and fore chest, slightly steep in upper arm otherwise well angulated, bone is okay, feet excellent, good square structure, slightly ineffective from side, balance is okay, loose in elbow, good coat quality in summer coat, easy to handle, could be more self secure.

Illawarra 2006 - Mr Benoit Thevenon
2nd Very Promising

Complete scissor bite, very nice head. Excellent skull, stop and muzzle. Parallelism not totally correct at the moment. Mid length ears, well carried. Body – good proportions, very good topline, good croup. Excellent chest, correct bone, very good fore & hindquarters. Good movement but loose in elbows, causing loose movement in front.

BSDCQ 2006 - Mme Willemine van Deijl
1st  Promising    
4.5 Months. Changing Teeth. Rather big ears for the moment. She is high in the rear - she is growing and this may improve. Tail is kinked. Croup is rather falling down. A little bit irregular in gait it is not the tail that is wrong it is the coat. The hair of the tail is too long and it should be trimmed otherwise the tail appears to curl.           

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