CH Belbergere Faxsimile



DOB: 2/11/2012

Other: DNA profiled, DNAParentage confirmed, MDR1- Normal, Degenerative Myelopathy - Normal, Long Hair Gene - Affected.
Seizure Free

Owned by: Narelle Hoffman, campained by Ashley Hoffman - Ashendael Belgians.


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willow8wkshead willow8wksstand willow10wkssml willow4mths
8 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks 4mths
willowpodsml willowspringfair2013sml willowBSNSW2014sml willowBSNSW2014sml
5 mths 2013 SpringFair PIG Sept 2013 NSWBSDC 2014

Willow is owned and very much loved by Narelle and campained by Ashley Hoffman. She joins her father Eli at Ashendael kennels.

Willow has been shown beautifully and is loved by many in the show ring. She has gained many CC, BOBs, and Age in group awards and Puppy in Group Awards as well as a Puppy in Show. At the BSNSW2013 champ show she was awarded Puppy of Breed and Reserve CC. She was been awarded multiple Exellent gradings under International Breed specialist judges.

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Ashendael Power of One G
hips: 1:0 Gr 0"A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '12, Scissor Bite, Seizure free.
DOB: 08-11-08
Multi BISS CH. Mirribandi Perfect Tzar G
Hips: 0:1 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '10 Level Bite, Seizure free
DOB: 27-09-05
Multi BISS, RuBISS, BIS, RuBIS HUN. GR. CH. AUST ASTN. SVK. INT. CH SR Bergerac Faust IPO1 Agility III (Imp HGY) G
RE Fr CH Lux Ch Milan de la Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB:26-11-96
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G
HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
CH Mirribandi Phoenix Dream CD HIC (AI) G Hips: 1:2 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '08
Seizure free
DOB: 17-08-00
SR GR CH Jairouk de la Fureur de Crepuscule (Frn) PT JHT T Hips: OFA Good Elbows OFA "Normal" Eyes: Cerf '98 DOB: 07-07-94
CH Lanaken Magic at Midnite (IID) G Hips: 2:1 Gr 0 "A" Elbows: 0:0 Eyes: Clear '02
DOB: 26-05-96
CH Ashendael Smile at Me G
Hips: 1:2 Elbows 0:1 Int Gr A Eyes Clear '07 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free
DOB: 17-09-02
Saxe des Terres Bergeres (IMP BLG) G HD- A
DOB: 09-01-94
RE FRN BISS CH Foehn de Bois du Tot (FRN) T HD-A
DOB: 20-08-90
Farouche de la Douce Plaine (FRN) T HD-A
BISS RUBISS CH Lanaken Notice Me G Hips 1:2 Int Gr A Comp scissor bite, Seizure free.
DOB: 25-05-97
SR CH Phebus des Terres Bergeres (IMP BLG) G HD-A
DOB: 19-12-91
Imola de la Douce Plaine (IMP FRN) T Hips A DOB: 09-12-94
Demoniaque Sateen HSCs HICs HXCs G Hips:2:2 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear '11, scissor bite, seizure free
DOB: 22-01-06

Multi BISS Sr ICH/HCH/HSCH/Gr.HCH/ HJCH/CH/ ÖJCH/SKCH Bergerac Faust IPO1 Agility3 AD/JD/GD (Imp HGY) G Hips: Gr A Eyes: Clear '08 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free.
DOB: 18-04-01
Fr/Lux Ch Milan de La Closerie de Yenda G
HD-A DOB:26-11-96
Jirian Du Mas de La Galandie G Hips: HD-A DOB: 07-10-94
Hestia-Belle de La Closerie de Yenda
Hips: HD-A DOB: 01-09-92
HJ CH Bergerac Ursula G HD-A Scissor Bite
DOB: 08-04-99
Int/Austn Ch Hgy Gr Ch Quartz IPO-II Ag II
Hips: HD-B DOB: 14-04-92
HJCH. ÖJCH Bergerac Gitty G HD-A DOB: 21-05-96
CH Demoniaque Jeopardy CD HSAs HSCs HICs HXCs G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 Elbows 0:0 Eyes: Clear Nov 2011 Complete scissor bite. Seizure free
DOB: 12-12-00
CH Zhale Soldier Soldier (IMP UK) G
Hips 1:3 gr 1 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 10-12-97
Zellik Quincy Shogun (UK) G DOB: 2-12-95
Zhale Molly Elliot (UK) G
CH Demoniaque Dark N Stormy G
Hips: 3:4 Gr 1 B Elbows 0:0 Eyes: SC DOB: 26-10-96
Sandokan Du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Belg) G
Hips: 0:0 Gr 0 DOB 18-11-94
Demoniaque Black Magic G
Hips 0:2 Gr 0 Elbows: 0:0 DOB: 18-10-94

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Willow's Achievements

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Sept 2013 BSDCNSW Champ Show 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy of Breed, RCC, Excellent.
Sept 2013 Spring Fair NSW 1st Puppy Bitch, BPuppy of Breed,PuppyIG, PuppyIShow
June 2013 BSDCQ Champ Show 2nd Puppy Bitch, Excellent

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VicBSDC 2014 - Michèle Bidault (France)
3rd Excellent.
2yrs old. Tall size. Good condition of coat. Complete scissors teeth. Medium long head. Parallel planes. Almost flat scull. Moderate stop. Good muzzle, well chiselled under eyes. Good dark brown eyes. Good triangular ears. Neck a bit short. Medium length of body. Needs to mature. Good top-line. Sloping croup. Good chest. Bones could be a little stronger. Feet a bit long and splayed. Excellent angulation front and rear. Fore chest a bit narrow. Needs time to mature. Tight rear movement, toes in. Back not firm on the move.

NSWBSDC 2014 - Rui Alves Monteiro (Portugal)
2nd Excellent
Nice female. Nice outline. Head still in developement - needs to improve the head planes. Nice lenght of muzzle. Lovely expressive eyes. Nice flat skull. Nice position of ears. Correct topline. Nice underline. Sufficient angulations in the rear and in the front. Nice cat feet. Nice side movement. Coming and going a little broad in the back.

BSDCQ 2014 - Mr Gert Christensen (Denmark)
2nd Excellent

Nearly 2 years. Long feminine head. Missing elegance. Scissor bite. SHould be more filled out under eyes. Nice dark eyes. Well set ears. Good neck and topline. Well set tail. Good body. Well angulated. Good bones. Moves well. Not in coat condition. Nice temperament.

NSWBSDC - 2013 - Madame Marie-France Varlet (France)
1st Excellent
Correct dentition with scissor bite. Nice style of bitch for ten months. Very smart. Very good coat. Head of very good quality – good parallel planes. Good dark eyes. Excellent                   triangular ears. Very nice expression. Very well put together – excellent topline – good       bone in relation with the size. The chest starting to drop. Just correct in shoulders. Good      rear angulation. Very good movement covers ground well. Carries tail well.

BSDCQ 2013 - Sandra Dubach (NED)
3rd Excellent.

7 mths. Elegant young lady who needs time to develop and mature. Long head with good stop. Bit rounded in skull. Excellent dark eye. Excellent pigmentation. Good muzzle. Deep in skull. Lovely ears. Good neck. Medium long body with long croup. Good tail. Chest needs to come down. Straight angles in front. Good rear. Nice feet. Feminine bone. Good coat and colour. Loose in front. Could be more ground covering and more drive. Excellent tail carriage. Good presentation and temperament.

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